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Bodhi Michael

My work is the culmination and synthesis of my life journey. A sacred way of transformation and non-dual, wholistic alchemy. As a child, to escape and survive an unstable, physically abusive, emotionally unavailable, fearful, and unpredictable family life, I was encouraged to read, to imagine, to create, and mentally live in other realities. This disassociation and disconnection from my body and my emotions took on positive forms as I spent countless hours reading and exploring ancient mythologies, civilzations, the Bible, world history, European art and culture, US politics, pop music, English and American literature from a very young age.

Since then the highs and lows of life have driven me to search and pursue not only the meaning of my life but to also to heal myself around the themes of radical self-love and self acceptance, a timeless process and never-ending journey.

The knowledge and wisdom I gained through these first-hand, direct experiences, my various careers, exploring, studying practices and techniques of various, tribes; cultures, societies, rediscovering, universal ways of deeper, intimate connection to my energetic, emotional, and physical body through various practices and techniques including weeks of solitary walking pilgrimages; to studying and practicing yoga, breathwork and meditation; to consciously taking various plant medicines in ceremonies and as part of psychotherapy; to visiting sacred sites and temples of ancient gods and goddesses, reconnecting directly to Nature; attending multiple workshops and retreats on tantra, body de-armouring, massage, sexual shamanism, conscious kink, somatic experiencing; dreams, journal writing, men’s work, and Jungian psychology has helped to me to get to know, reconnect, and heal my Self. They are the foundation of what I share with you now in my coaching, workshops, and retreats today.

Thank you for listening and I’m looking forward to meeting and connecting with You.


1. A Tantric Life

In this workshop we will explore our relationship to life by understanding and embracing the inevitablity of death and transforming our current understanding and fear of death into excitement about all of our possibilities and opportunities to live a Tantric Life.

2. The Scapegoat

An ancient, sacred ritual where we will use an effigy, in this case a piñata and a big boxing bag, to represent a scapegoat, who will take on all our blame, burdens, and projections and powerlessness, and transform these into acceptance, support, self responsibility, and empowerment.

3. Reconnecting to Mother

A men’s workshop whose focus will be towards healing his mother wound by embracing both the positive and negative qualities of their own mother, accepting it and transforming it through the energy of the archetypal, Great Mother.

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