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Pavla Pospíšilová

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I believe in miracles, and I see them in my work every day.

I am a part of a whole, and the whole is me. I am your mirror, and I see your story, your path, and your light in your eyes.
I won’t teach you anything new; my presence will simply remind you and activate what you already know and have mastered long ago. Reconnect with your inner Knowledge and Wisdom, expand your Consciousness, and see what is invisible to the eyes.
Over three years ago, the Mexican method Viendo por el Mundo entered my life, along with its founder Verenice Carvajal, and under her guidance, I have completed several courses.
I am a co-founder and certified instructor of the EOV (Extraocular Vision) Courses. The main focus of my work consists of cleansing and transformative meditations, individual lessons, educational and developmental workshops. I work with children and adults dealing with various burdens such as fears, subconscious blocks, trauma, bullying, self-harm, autism, DMO, ADHD, medication, as well as those who want to advance in life through their connection to intuition and self-confidence. More about the courses can be found at:
Our motto is: Unite the whole world into one family.

Meditations: The Powerful force of vortex and My inner adversary

I will guide you through a meditation where you will encounter your inner adversary. What is it like? What does it look like? What nourishes it? And with the power of vortex, you will eliminate the accumulated negative emotions that reside within your energetic system and block your life energy.
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