An unforgettable Transformation festival in the heart of Europe 2. - 7. July 2024

The international team of lecturers “The Paths of Transformation” are delighted to present a summer festival in the beautiful surroundings of the Czech highlands Šumava

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Invitation to the festival in a shortened 1 min. length with Czech subtitles
Invitation to the festival in a shortened 6 min. length Czech and English
Take a look at the beautiful montage of footage from the Transformation Festival 2023. Notice the energy and emotions experienced by the participants and lecturers.
Take a look at a few minutes of footage from the transformation festival from the previous year 2021


We invite you into the possibility of deep and lasting personal tranformation in the beautiful surroundings of the Czech Highlands. The Paths of Transformation weaves the best of many practices into a map, philosophy and proven method for manifesting your most fulfilling life. Come and celebrate the beginning of summer with some of the best workshop facilitators from all over Europe.

Together, we will co-create a warm, open-hearted community with a full program of workshops, rituals and evening celebrations. Over the six days of the festival you will deepen your ability to experience, feel and understand yourself and your relationships. Offerings include tantra, dance, shamanism, dark eros, bioenergetics, yoga and  group sharing.

An experienced professional team of masseurs, coaches, healers, vegetarian chefs and organisers will take care of you outside of the workshop spaces.

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Is This for Me?

Yes! At this festival, we welcome everyone of any orientation, gender or relationship status,  provided you are over 18 years of age and subscribe to a peaceful belief system. You will have the opportunity to get to know both yourelf and other participants.  Couples or triads who wish to deepen their intimacy through tantric workshops and experiences are also very welcome. The natural environment of the festival is an ideal setting for immersing yourself in encounters with others – and, of course, with yourself!

Who are the Team?

The festival is organised by the Paths of Transformation team. John Hawken is Program Director and Jan Komeda is Festival Organiser, together with a team of workshop facilitators, musicians, masseurs, organisers and volunteers.

Where is the Festival Held?

In the beautiful countryside of the Czech highlands Šumava at the Hotel Zadov with its own lake surrounded by forests. The workshops will be held within the hotel building, in the outdoor tents and also in the open air (depending on the type of workshop and the current weather!).

Musicians & DJs

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