We look forward to everyone who can’t wait for the opportunity to meet themselves and other open-hearted people in a much deeper, more joyful and valuable way. The festival at the beginning of summer 2024 from 2 to 7 July is ready. We update the program and gradually expand it. In any case, you can count on it to be 6 days full of great and valuable experiences, awareness and transformation in the picturesque surroundings of Šumava with swimming in the pond and indoor pool, sauna, hot tub and great massages in between the fabulous workshops. The workshops will be bilingual. Czech will be translated into English and English into Czech. In other words, the participation of anyone who is sufficient in Czech or English is encouraged.

Our goal is not to compete with the number of workshops and lecturers, in the end each participant can only be in one place at one time. On the contrary, the goal is to create a comprehensive opportunity to see and experience how rewarding it can be to discover yourself and your relationships thanks to tantra, dance, shamanism, water tantra, massages and the transformation of our shadows under the guidance of proven, quality and kind lecturers.

Each day is therefore dedicated to one main topic. There will be two to three workshops running at the same time with our effort to have one oriented more towards beginners in the field (green) and one towards more advanced participants (red).

Tuesday 2.7. Getting to know each other and creating a safe and sacred space – a common entrance ritual

Wednesday 3.7. Basic principles of tantra, shamanism, dark eros and transformation

Thursday 4.7. Masculine and Feminine Energy (separately and together)

Friday 5.7. Ceremonies and rituals

Saturday 6.7. More advanced principles of tantra, shamanism, dark eros and transformation

Sunday 7.7. Closing ceremony

Here is the current known version, which we gradually supplement as we receive documents and changes. You can look forward to verified very popular lecturers and workshops to make you feel at home and also to a fresh stream of news 😉

The lecturers present each morning will briefly present their workshops for the day. We strongly encourage you to attend these meetings. All other questions will be answered on them. Please do not ask about the individual workshops of the organizers. Thank you 🙂

The color in the font of the program indicates the level of progress of the individual workshops. What it actually means – advancedness can be perceived from several points of view:

1. Previous experience.
2. Openness in terms of clothing, in which exercise takes place.
3. The extent of touching or intimate touching during exercise with others.

Font color:

1. Green – no previous experience is needed, the workshop takes place in clothing with little contact with others.
2. Orange – it is assumed that the participant already has some experience, but at the beginning of each workshop the lecturers will explain everything that will be needed. The range of clothing is mostly optional and the range of contacts with others can be very well regulated according to yourself.
3. Red – Mostly this workshop fulfills one of the following conditions – previous experience is assumed, although everything needed for the workshop will be explained by the lecturer at the beginning. It is likely that nudity or partial nudity will be part of the workshop. Contacts with a partner or others can also be intimate.

We wish you beautiful, joyful and healthy days and we look forward to seeing you 🙂

the team of the Festival of Transformation

Technical Note: The program displays well on larger monitors. On mobile phones, you can usually scroll horizontally and change the size. If this does not happen on your device, look at the program on a regular PC. The name of most workshops is also an active link to the lecturers’ pages and their detailed description. Valid .pdf versions are suitable if you want to print out the program. Mobile and telephone signal is limited in the place.

You can download the PDF version of the entire program valid as of 4.7.23 10:30 (valid since the 1.7. update) here:

CZ: Festival transformace – program_230704

E: Transformation festival – program_230704

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