Radka Holušová

She is a teacher Paths of Transformation. She set out on the Tantra Journey in 2003 and was brought to John in 2016. After completing many courses in tantra and bioenergy training, Dark Eros, Advanced Tantra and Teachers Training, she shares this wonderful journey with deep personal experience, knowing how the Tantric Journey changes quality of life. they are self-concept, relationships, self-realization, and the full experience of life HERE AND NOW, and she pass on a kind of rebellion, in the form of not bowing to universal truths and Gurus, but in cultivating and cultivating the inner Master. She is currently assisting John in his two-year Transformation Training.

Breath & Ritual

We invite you to experience a deep connection in a couple on an energy level, to get a mirror of your dance of energy with another person. And go through God&Goddess ritual to awaken, feel and experience sacredness in yourself and others.
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