Jenni Joy


Jenni Joy blends clinical sexology with the energetic arts of tantra,
sacred femininity and shamanic transformation alongside leading edge tools in the field of leadership and personal development. She is a board member of ASIS (Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists), and teaches Tantra and Transformational Tantra Massage with The Paths of Transformation, as well as her own events and other co-creations.

 Jenni workshops

Bridging heaven and earth – energy liberating body massage

A massage initiation sequence inspired by Reichian bio-energetics and tantric philosophy, which liberates the energies stored in our pelvis and held in our spine, giving rise to feelings of expansion, wholeness, a sense of beyond and energetic reality.

A 3 hour workshop where you will both give and receive the massage initiation.

This experiential workshop combines tantra, bio-energetics and a dash of shamanism.

Workshop for beginners and others who want to understand the principles of Tantra.  There is possible nudity, this is dependent upon the choice of the participants, fine to wear underwear (no genital massage).
We will be working on the back of the body – including spine and buttocks.


Tantric massage as a sacred ritual – Jenni and Jan



Join us for a sacred touch ritual where we will work with the collective intention of awakening the heart of humanity and the individual intention of surrendering to our erotic innocence. This will be a guided sequence through the portals of the chakras focusing on presence and touch, suitable for both individuals and couples.

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