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Mirka Vokounová Krepčíková

Special pedagogue with 22 years of experience in the helping profession, director of the Propolis33 Foundation focused on supporting women’s charitable and educational initiatives. Lecturer of personal development, women’s circles and transformation seminars, ceremonialist, guide to energetic places, deals with ecology. Her vision and goal is to help people grow and move forward on their life journey.

Author of the project The Power of Female Energy, which supports women on their life journey. The journey of their transformation into a self-aware woman, self-knowledge, finding self-love, seeing their gifts and walking the path of their knowledge.

We invite YOU to a unique experience with Firewalking

Firewalking can be done in different ways. Just like sex, you can do it in different ways… It’s not so important WHAT but HOW!

When we humbly invite into the fire a conscious connection to its energy and spontaneity, it has a completely different quality. We can “just pass” coal. Or! We can seize this unique opportunity and make it a self-consecration and a test of maturity. We will not try to “overcome”, “conquer” or “tame” the fire, but instead we will move reality through cooperation, sensing and connecting with its energy and our intention.

Bending the bar in pairs or pairs

In our relationships, we are deeply touched by love, togetherness, understanding, safety, intimacy, but also by experiences that move everyone separately and together. Sometimes we walk side by side, other times one is one step ahead and yet we are still together. Sometimes there are obstacles that, if we manage together, will bring us closer together. A symbolic partner ritual is the joint bending of a rod, representative of limitations, obstacles that prevent the path towards greater connection in love, abundance, creation and building deeper knowledge.

Come step up for what you want in your life, and to make it happen, you need to do something together. This rod is also a symbol of the strength and structure of our patterns that we have so firmly anchored in our mind and body. It is also a border that we have built in our lives to protect us at a certain moment, and it is so strong that it holds us as if in shackles. It needs to be released, made as flexible as we need in life, so that abundance, support, creativity, love and care can flow freely to us. Thus comes the strength and energy to stand firmly on one’s own feet by oneself, with one’s feelings, intuition and visions. One part of this initiation is also how you follow your dreams and goals, if you can follow the path of what fulfills you together. You are opening a treasure chest of your talents and gifts, the one that we so often overlook, or are afraid to show to the world. This ritual helps to accept what is part of us and thus complete our wholeness and authenticity.

Mirka Vokounová Krepčíková Festival transformace

Arrow as initiation

The arrow in the initiation symbolizes the intention, the arrow shot the direction and its breaking through the neck, a place so vulnerable. Can you hear it whizzing through the air, breaking through its layers? What is the intention, what is the goal that I want to pursue and take the risk of getting hurt? What path in life do you want to take, what should accompany it? What fears need to be overcome? It is enough to realize them, they are the ones that prevent you from accepting into your life the qualities and essences that you want to have in it. What is the fixed structure, the formula that needs to be overcome in order to step into the “new” life with lightness and power just charged. This power is released thanks to the dissolution of patterns and limitations that we so often anchor in ourselves through our fears and unprocessed emotions. A space is created that is unencumbered and free for new visions.

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