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The world record holder (incredible more than 9.5 hours in the plank) and an admirable person will accompany the falls of confidence and crossing over the shards. You can consult him on how to enter the Guinness Book of Records with your own performance and how to create your treasures from life’s pitfalls. For example, at the signing of his book Zlaté dno. It is also possible to understand, thanks to his story, how much it is possible to move towards our potential if we start to develop.

The book Zlaté dno – autograph session

This is my authentic story from an Arab prison environment.
I ended up in this prison while on vacation where the officials mistook me for another person they were looking for. I was unjustly arrested and imprisoned in an Arab prison. I hit rock bottom here. And it was here that I discovered my golden treasure, from which I can already draw for the rest of my life. Not only did this experience liberate me internally, but thanks to it I learned to transform my difficulties and pains into breaking record limits in various sports, endurance and fitness disciplines. The greatest treasure we all seek is hidden in our deepest depths, at our bottom. The last current topic I am working on is liquid nutrition, which I am now on for the 11th month. I started with her at your festival last year and I didn’t know if it would suit me. Today, I am not going to return to a more substantial diet.

Josef Šálek plank

The Plank – The Best in the World

The plank is one of the most demanding but also the most effective exercises for strengthening the body. It’s hard work to last even a minute in this rebellion. I will show you how it is possible to be in it for tens of minutes and at the same time remain calm and satisfied. In this position, I will talk to you about how to work with our attention and how to accept the difficulties of life so that they no longer control us in it. I currently hold the world record in it and entered the Guinness Book of Records in a time of around 10 hours. You can also join me and possibly set your own personal endurance records in it.
Josef Šálek pády důvěry

Trust falls

From my experience, this is the most powerfully experienced technique, which very intensively releases blocks and emotions.
Falling from a height on the back into the arms of others is a technique that helps restore disappointed trust in others. If we have repressed anger towards those who let us down, we go through life in fear of other people. We do not allow them to be with us, we cannot cooperate with them, and this mistrust significantly affects our partner relationships as well.
The tension released after the fall turns into gratitude for a safe catch. Released crying and emotions can move everyone to a freer and happier life.
Catchers also release blocks in self-confidence through the responsibility of safely catching a faller.
Completed falls help to further relieve the fear of heights and of death. They also release excessive ego control over some necessary life decisions.

Josef Šálek přechod po střepech

Crossing the shards

Walking barefoot on the ground causes fear of possible injury in most people. One of these injuries is a cut. This wound is most likely to be caused by broken glass. At the same time, the main component of glass is silicon, which is an earth mineral.
By walking barefoot over glass shards (silica), we restore the broken connection with the Earth and its energy. By doing so, we express our trust in her, and by doing so, a stronger flow of energy can flow to us from their bowels, grounding us and thus offering us her gifts to a greater extent.
In addition, we also release ourselves from the fear of injury on a subconscious level and thereby attract far less potential injuries into our lives.

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