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Kami a Toman

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Kami is a dancer who has been trained in various dance styles since she was a child. Her greatest passion has always been African rhythms, dancehall, contemporary and pair acrobatics. She also practices yoga, flexibility training and improv/free dance. After building a dance school, she is currently dedicated to accompanying women and men in dance, where she balances technique with her own self-expression. Last year she also completed a 2-year transformational training “the way of the dancing heart”.

Dance flow for men and women with Kami and Toman

Toman Equilibre and Kami are a dance and improvisational duo dedicated to couple acrobatics, contact improvisation, performing to live music and at the same time combining their solo art together. Toman is based on parkour, kung fu, stand-up art and Kami has been a dancer since she was a child. They prefer to train in the form of improvisational games and together they dance a pair dance “without a name”, where they follow the basic techniques from various pair dances, contact improvisation and draw from the well called “playfulness”. They have had success with many students with this approach.

At the workshop we will go through:
– how to connect and flow with others in dance and movement and feel great, relaxed and “thoughtless”
– how to surrender to another in dance
– how to lead a partner and how to follow (and also how to be led) in both roles
– how to improvise in contact
– how to connect more deeply with your body and at the same time with others
– how to bring more passion and playfulness to a partner relationship without dance knowledge through dance
– a source of inspiration for improvisational and couple dance games

“Move Your Pelvis” with Kami

Nowadays it is almost normal to have a stiff body including our pelvis. (For now) We live under the belief that pelvic dance and pelvic movements are only for women. At the workshop “move your pelvis” we will learn how we can make the pelvis dance and what benefits it can bring to our lives (for both women and men). My know-how is mainly based on exotic dance techniques, which we will learn and practice together in the waves of African rhythms.

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