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Anny Linhartová

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“…wake up your face, wake up your passion…”

Anny is an internationally certified professional teacher of the Face Yoga Method.

Practicing and teaching Face Yoga gives her a clear sense of the complexity of caring for the human body. After all, our bodies are usually “only” nourished by movement from neck to ankles. Discovering Face Yoga, she has planted another important piece in the mosaic, “How to consciously care and nurture the human body”. Anny studied with world-renowned Face Yoga guru Fumiko Takatsu.
Because she wants to be in a “connected” state with her clients, she primarily engages with them in a personal way (no pre-recorded videos), either individually, in groups or through group workshops.

After studying economic sciences and psychology, she was in the business profession in international companies for more than 25 years.

In 2020, she decided to make a major change and started passing on her wealth of knowledge and experience on her behalf as Integral Transformational Coach, management skills mentor and couple’s coach.

She has always had a strong interest in so-called “between heaven and earth” information. Her current interests include Indian Vedic Astrology, which can give deep insight into many situations and contexts.

She has been actively involved in sports for over 35 years, including competitive seasons and coaching. He has been leading regular group TRX classes for nearly 10 years. Nearly 2,000 hours of training allow her to perceive and feel the body very subtly, which she uses in training and communication with clients.

In the outdoors, you can see her as a guide on a client’s lifelong journey with a backpack on her back, adding time for mindful breathing and refreshing hardening. There is ample time to talk and discuss all manner of life topics, including tantra and sexuality. In sum, this always results in a familiar experience of learning about the variety, lightness, and uniqueness of life.

She is a devotee of a holistic approach to life and is thus in tune with the ancient Greek belief of Kalokaghatia, the ideal of harmony of mind and body, the unity of beauty and goodness.
She is an inspiration for people around her and for their never-ending personal development.

Workshops 1+2 “Anny FaceYoga … Wake up your face, wake up your passion!”

Face Yoga is not only about facial rejuvenation, but also about practicing conscious care for our beautiful souls. It is a set of postures/exercises, massage, and activation of acupressure points with conscious breathing. You can look forward to a blending session dedicated to our faces across the board. You will subsequently feel a pleasant tingling/slight tingling sensation due to the increased blood circulation to the skin. Your face will be brightened.

The main topics will be:
1. Why Face Yoga at all?
2. What/how can Face Yoga make our lives more enjoyable? What are the bonuses of practicing FY regularly. Plastic surgery, Botox, cosmetics, or regular care?
3. Perception of our face and neck, the different parts.
4. Our habits and vices: their awareness.
5. Acne: care and prevention.
6. Facial asymmetries: awareness and relaxation/fixation.
7. Headache and neck pain, stress: how to relieve it?
8. Lifestyle: how to care for our skin, how to use the simple magic of available foods for our skin?
9. Poses/exercises, massage, and acupressure point activation: explanation of why and how yes/no, especially common practice.

Preparation for WS and what to bring:
Clean palms, moisturized skin without make up, cosmetic mirror, if possible, mobile phone.
good mood and relaxed mind.

P.S.: Each workshop will have different main content.

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