Michaela Sklářová

Michaela Sklářová

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Never give up and love everything that comes in life!”

Michaela is a professional teacher of the Chinese arts of Qigong and meditation. She is the author of the educational concept Living Qigong, a school of natural treatment, which, as the only program accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Czech Republic of this kind in the entire Czech Republic, specializes in the education of future lecturers, the general public and teachers.

For more than 20 years, he has devoted himself to the art of Qigong, body rejuvenation through sexual practice and working with the energy of nature and cosmic bodies. Her passion is life itself, discovering the infinity of human potential in everyday life, various holistic methods that lead to the healing of body and spirit, especially from the point of view of Taoist philosophy and Chinese medicine. It helps people find a deeper meaning in life and the fulfillment of life’s journey. More about Michael at www.zivychikung.com

Michaela will lead two workshops:

The secret of longevity – instructions for a happy partner life as well as a personal and sexual life according to the Tao

Practical exercises to increase the vitality and sensitivity of yourself and your partner.

I cordially invite you to the space of silence, peace and common being, where we will enjoy our own existence of being, i.e. body and spirit, everything that will be present in a given time and space. With the help of physical and breathing exercises, we tune the body, organs and energy into the maximum possible harmony. Harmony and life force are usually qualities that we wish to experience on a daily basis, both in the field of health and with other people.

Our joint workshop will be about playfulness, sensitivity and, at the same time, practical suggestions on how to improve the quality of your life into a long life with simple techniques.

You can come to the workshop alone or in pairs.

In the first part, simple energy exercises await us.

In the second part, couple exercises to increase energy, libido, sensitivity, playful relaxation and, last but not least, to strengthen health.

Come without expectations and allow yourself to enter the space of Tao, which will create through you…

I look forward to meeting you all♥

flags: orange, singles or pairs, carry: oil, blindfold, playfulness

Balinese yoga

Morning exercise and meditation Balinese yoga is primarily work with solar energy to harmonize the chakras.

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