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Everything in this world has its own rhythm – from the complex and precisely timed biorhythms occurring in our bodies, to the changing of the seasons, etc. Each rhythm (including our internal vibrations, our attunement) can be either in harmony or disharmony with the environment.

If our vibrations are in harmony with the environment, love and joy arise, there is a natural feeling of gratitude for the little things and life itself, awareness and understanding – in short, everything that has high vibrations and is good and healing for us.
If our vibrations are in disharmony, energy decreases and negative consequences arise such as illness, ignorance, misunderstanding, natural disasters, etc.

All living things – with one exception – are destined to live in harmony and support the balance of the planet, otherwise there is no place for it.
The only exception is us humans – only and only we were given the free will to “do whatever we want”, or more precisely, the opportunity to try everything.

But it has to be balanced by something – this freedom carries with it responsibility for the consequences of our actions – we have been given the most perfect body in the universe and it is only up to us how we will take care of it and what we will do with it – whether we will develop it and whether we will strive to live in harmony, in health and love and thereby support the harmony of the world at the same time, or vice versa.

I can’t take away your free will, so it’s up to you which path you choose (despite the fact that you can change it at any time).

I have chosen the path of harmony, health and love, and you can join me on it.




– just as (not only) people in indigenous minorities, who are very aware of this responsibility and are happy for most of their lives, usually help themselves to this journey.
If you say “natives” or “Indians”, we often immediately imagine a circle of people drumming, dancing and singing around a fire. But why do they do it? Why is it so characteristic and natural for them?
Because it is one of the natural and therefore very effective ways of caring for yourself and for a harmonious common life on this planet, and they simply did not forget it like the rest of civilization under the influence of technocratic development. There are many more reasons and many of them follow from what I wrote above, but the most important ones are your individual reasons, which you will discover and feel yourself during or after playing.
NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY TO PLAY THIS – the music that we create together in this way is not an example of art – it is music created between us in the present moment, which reflects and cleans our insides, our intentions, harmonizes and thus heals our bodies and is an instrument for harmonious connection with the environment and oneself.
My job is to mediate the musical instruments, to ensure an easy and quick interplay between you and to protect the whole process from unwanted influences – and it is up to you to participate with your whole body, heart and mind, as best as you can at the moment 🙂
With love
George Adam

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