Jan Komeda  

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Jan accompanies groups, couples and individuals on the path of personal development through tantra, shadow transformation and relational dynamics with joy, depth and humor. He sees these methods as an effective way to find full aliveness, personal freedom, true love, fulfillment and joy in life. He has undergone many trainings in tantra, shamanism, shadow transformation and modern sexology and relationship topics in different corners of the world. He is a lecturer on Paths of Transformation and at the same time runs his own School of the Art of Loving focused on the development of intimacy, relationships and personal qualities, including the transformation of the shadow. He also completed several trainings under John Hawken – one year tantric training, one year advanced tantra course, Love Making, Dark Eros and professional tantric massage training and teacher training. He also went through Quodoushka seminars, transformative SAR sexological training under the American organization AASECT, Don Miguel Ruiz seminars and many others.

Jan and Marie workshops

An ocean of tantric energy – an exceptional experience of water tantra

A fairytale of a caterpillar and a leaf, a tiger and a sheep, a vampire and a man

Tantric transformation of fear, guilt, shame and anger. (Dark Eros)

Orgasmic meditation – “morning warm-up”


Jan and Jitka workshops

Welcome meditation

Jenni and Jan workshops

Tantric massage as a sacred ritual – Jenni and Jan


Tantric transformation of fear, guilt, shame and anger. (Dark Eros)

Dark Eros is a term to describe sexuality which is connected with our first chakra, its about  power (over or under), anger and revenge, guilt and shame, issues of self worth and empowerment. These issues paint our sexuality with this touch of darkness, as they are usually unconscious, sometimes obsessive, or threaten to break out of our conscious control. These existential issues can be healed and transformed through Tantric techniques of consciousness, heartfullness and an affirmation of the life-expressing energy of pleasure.

This workshop will help you to open up your playfulness and being naughty as well as transgress punishment into intensity and pleasure.

Advanced: Intermediate and Advanced Workshop. Depending on your personal preference, it will set ORANGE to RED. Come in pairs and bring a lungi and any props or costumes that relate to the theme. You can come as individuals and we will try to pair you up or create playful small groups on the spot.

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