Freya Wolna

is a vibrant, charismatic  facilitator with passion for life and transformation. She has a strong presence holding and empowering large training groups.  Freya is waving her unique blend of coaching and training experiences, passion for acting and facilitating.  She facilitates transformational trainings, empowering participants in areas of Tantric sexuality & relationships, aiming at developing their full potential. Since 2017 she has been teaching at the Paths of Transformation School of John Hawken, Year Long Professional Tantra Massage Trainings, Year Long Tantra training  and Dark Eros Intensive. She is also facilitating Tantra Women Workshops, and Shamanic sacred Sexuality workshops. She is devoted to work with the medicine of Cacao, creating Ecstatic Cacao Ceremonies where she creates unique spaces for healing through shamanic meditations, DJ-ing breath and body movement. Freya’s powerful presence, integrity and feminine loving heart create safe space for transformation and growth.

Freya workshops:

Tantric Art of Love – Freya and Piotr

Discover the most delicate and the deepest form of touch – caress.

It is a technique and meditation that changes the body’s memory of pain and expectations of health and pleasure, building security and closeness with a partner. Your body will fully open for energy and surrender to waves of pleasure.

Loving communication and touch will bring you the present moment. It is a wonderful for healing and nourishing the body and mind. This workshop is the perfect way to chill, relax and embody the entire festival.

In this workshop, you will learn how to build body to body pleasure by:

  • Creating a vision Space of Love
  • Ritual of Unveiling the Face of God/Goddess (in pairs)
  • The art of intimate communication (“I’m following you” touch)
  • The Art of Erotic Compliments
  • The art of “not doing”
  • 5 types of caressing touch

We invite everyone who wants to enjoy the pleasure and go beyond the imagination of what touch can be. The workshop is perfect for couples, but if you come with a friend, you will both benefit from the same 😊. At our workshops, we care about boundaries and ensure safety. The workshop does not require nudity, you can wear clothes, but the more exposed skin – the nicer 😊. So if you want to add more pleasure, bring pareo/lungi to safely expose some skin.

Tantric Alchemy – the art of manifesting love – Freya and Piotr

Whether we are single, in a budding relationship, or a couple in transition, we all seek deep, healing, fulfilling love that leads to a fulfilling and harmonious relationship full of orgasmic and lasting passion.

Do you know what you really want from your partner? Why do you attract a certain type of partner? What do you need to feel fulfilled in life and in a relationship? Do you know what limits your ability to love or be loved the way your heart yearns?

Come and learn about various aspects of the art of loving, the joy of giving and receiving, the law of sexual attraction, the alchemy of love relationships and the integration of the sacred in everyday life.

Topics covered:

  • Shiva and Shakti: Basic principles of tantra
  • Polarization between masculinity and femininity
  • The alchemical model of relationships
  • Soul mate: myth or reality
  • A vision of love and connection
  • The transforming power of desire
  • Creation through the heart
  • The power of ritual in relationships
  • Movement, dance, meditation, proximity, possible touch.

Shakti Power – Awaken the queen withn


It’s time for you to overcome adversity and follow your dreams with self-confidence to become the Queen of your life.

The Awakened Queen is a woman in her strength, accepting all her existence, embodied spirituality, sensitivity and courage, vulnerability and power. Believe in your inner royal highness. Just as Queen Cleopatra ruled Egypt, you too have a kingdom – if you dare to claim it. This kingdom is your body and your life.

How to open up to the flow of energy in the body, how to discover your feminine power?

This workshop will allow you to discover your feminine power, the divine energy of Shakti. It will remind you how to return to your dreams, to your true feminine essence, to the passion, ecstasy and harmony that your heart longs for.

I created this workshop for women who are ready to step into their realm of sovereignty, pleasure, magnetism and divine feminine power. By unlocking your radiance, you will open yourself to a world of abundance, soul nourishing alignment, expanded states of consciousness, and ecstatic vitality. This workshop is a journey through your inner kingdom to discover your Feminine Power.

During this workshop you will:

  • connect with the power of the Earth and open yourself to your original wildness
  • discover and learn to celebrate your sacred power of sexuality
  • experience the creative sensual power of the Dakini
  • know the power of manifestation energy and charisma
  • connect to the quantum field of the heart
  • awaken the power of the voice of your truth and of caring for your boundaries
  • open up to your intuition and spiritual guidance
  • begin to heal negative beliefs limiting your power,
  • connect to your inner energy source.
  • experience the nurturing feeling of an open heart in the sisterhood
  • combine spirituality with sexuality

Workshop for women only. Technical requirements: stereo system, microphone, mattresses.

Tantric Dom/Dominatrix – Freya and Daninie

To be published in a while

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